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Electrical Facts


 Q1.  When Is it time to call an Electrician?
 Q2.  What size service do I install in my home?
 Q3.  Where do you put G.F.I.'s?
 Q4.  How much should I attempt on my own?
 Q5.  How many convenience outlets in each room?
 In every kitchen, family room, dining room, living room, parlor, library, den, bedroom, or similar room or area of dwelling units, receptacle outlets shall be installed so that no point along the floor line in any wall space there is more than six feet, from an outlet in that space. This is to prevent the use of extension cords. Outlets are usually placed about 18 inches above floor level. Switches usually go about 48 inches from floor level. For convenience outlets each single receptacle in a single branch circuit is usually figured for 1.5 amps, duplex outlets for 3 amps in estimating total amperage for that circuit. Air conditioners should be on a single dedicated circuit.
 Q6.  How should outlets be installed in kitchen areas?
 Q7.  What is an AFCI?