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Electrical Facts


 Q1.  When Is it time to call an Electrician?
 Q2.  What size service do I install in my home?
 Q3.  Where do you put G.F.I.'s?
 Q4.  How much should I attempt on my own?
 Q5.  How many convenience outlets in each room?
 Q6.  How should outlets be installed in kitchen areas?
All 15 and 20 receptacles installed within 6 feet of a kitchen sink or wet-bar shall have G.F.C.I. protection. Receptacles in a kitchen used to serve counter tops should be supplied with at least two 20 amp branch circuits, for small appliances. Each fixed appliance (refrigerator, stove, dish washer) shall have its own dedicated circuit. On counter tops 12 inches or wider a receptacle shall be installed so that there is no more than 24 inches between outlets. Receptacles outlets installed to serve island counter tops shall be installed above, or within 12 inches below the counter top. There shall be no more than 24 inches from center line of counter top. No receptacle shall be installed face up on a sink counter top.
 Q7.  What is an AFCI?